Instructors – 2017 Retreat

A creative retreat for women filled with an enlightening blend of spiritual and technical and conceptual.

esideview3ELAINE FRENETT began her art life as an illustrator, where it was an Apples&Oranges copy
everyday consideration to marry words and images. To that she adds over 20 years of watermedia experience, 17 years of passionate journaling and 10 years expanding with the “Traveling Conversations” Project with Jean (my tandem teacher) and a third artist professional (come to our exciting “Traveling Conversations” January 2018 show at Sebastapol Center for the Arts!). Ultimately, arriving here with an exuberance for sharing and teaching . . . especially in nature’s midst. This award-winning artist has RockSculpture,Lkhad work published nationally, had fine art added to museum collections and taken awards at “Plein Air Competitions”. She teaches workshops and private classes in the Ashland Art Center studio and leads retreats from Northeastern Oregon to Mexico.

Trained to paint with accurate representation, morphingemergingdrk72
into personal expression, Elaine now sees herself move away from the tightness and predictability of replicating scenes to exploring, more spontaneously, her feelings and experiences onto journal pages or using unplanned paintings made of splatters, bold strokes and manipulated areas as the field from which images emerge and tell stories to her.

She aims to dig more deeply into what comes out of the inner self, yet still relishes the moment when she captures a flower or portrait with accuracy and emotion. These magical, mystical watercolors steward her endless exploration. And as peer artists it is from this place that …

During this “Alpine Art Retreat” 2018, Elaine will guide you in:

  • Allowing watermedia to paint itself
  • Nurturing and honoring the “individual story” in each of us
  • Feeling how collaboration perturbs and stimulates at the same time
  • Cultivating intuition grown out of springboard words or visual/emotional imaginings

Jean Warren

JEAN WARREN holds a BA in Art Education and has been painting andJsTreeRoots teaching watercolor for over 30 years. Her love for the outdoors and the creative process is evident in her work as she blends the elements of design with the meaning of what she wants to convey. Jean’s passion for watercolor began when she discovered the medium’s immediacy, versatility, and its unpredictable qualities that invite us to trust our insights and to rejoice in the painting process of new discoveries.JsWaterRipples

Jean’s sketchbook/ journal is a place to experiment where there is no thinking and no boundaries. It is a place to imagine, play and be outrageous. It’s like a friend you have a great time with. It’s the perfect place to get to know yourself better, how you see the world and how you fit-in. She uses her journal to create memories, take notes on books read, to record daily events, to list words children say. It can be used for travel documenting, as a JsRocks'nRedproblem solving tool, a to-do list, and dream journal.

Jean holds signature membership in the National Watercolor Society, California Watercolor Association, and The Society of Layerists in Multi-Media. Her paintings are included in private, public, and corporate collections. Her work is on the cover of Places in Watercolor, and included in Best of Watercolor, Bridging Time & Space, and The Art of Layering.

During this “Alpine Art Retreat” 2018, Jean will guide you in:

  • Discovering our unique creative voices
  • Abstracting the inherent qualities of the landscape
  • Learning to really ‘see’ as we sketch while adding images to our visual memory
  • Describing the indescribable