Instructors – 2012 Retreat

A creative retreat for women filled with an invigorating blend of spiritual and technical and conceptual.

ELAINE FRENETT began her art life as an illustrator, where it was an everyday consideration to marry words and images. To that she adds 20 years of watermedia experience and over 10 years of passionate journaling to arrive at an exuberance for sharing and teaching the creative life. Especially in nature’s midst. An award-winning artist who has had illustrations published nationally, had fine art added to museum collections, she teaches private classes and retreats.

During the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat 2012, Elaine will guide you in:

  • Creating page diversity (yes, even 3-dimensional)
  • Refining word and image essence choice
  • Deciding what your journal will “be” to you
  • Translating feelings into images

JEAN WARREN has a love for painting outdoors in watercolor that springs from all the places she has lived and traveled. This ‘sense of place’ is an important touchstone in her work. Through journaling nature’s rhythms and connections she believes we discover ways to express how we fit-in to the world around us. Jean teaches workshops and classes and holds signature membership in the National Watercolor Society. Her work is included in private, public and corporate collections.

During the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat 2012, Jean will guide you in:

  • Discovering content & your art philosophy
  • Abstracting the inherent qualities of the landscape
  • Getting in touch with your intuition, meditation and drawing
  • Describing the indescribable

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