2013 ~ Dance Your Life into Journals

One Day Journaling Workshop in Ouray, Colorado

Cultivating mixed media, watercolor, writing and page design
to furnish skills to further entertain journaling. Elaine’s
fine art journaling fills pages with what life furnishes
rather than what you buy to fill the pages.
Come play with personal expression that can
change/expand your life.

Dates:     Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Time:     10am – 4pm (1hr. lunch)

Place:     Weehawken Creative Arts               Old Biota Bldg.
1900 Main Street, Ouray, Colorado 81427

Local Contact:  970-318-0150

Fee:       $75



Intermediate, WC/Drawing experience needed. Material list upon registration.

1 Response to 2013 ~ Dance Your Life into Journals

  1. Rhonda says:

    Okay. These are stunning but, as someone who is working on quick travel sketches …are these really quick travel sketches ( the ones with the white chairs)? I love to believe the are but don’t these take a while??? And how did you manage to pull off those white chairs?

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