As the summer air is warms, the cooling lapping of the lake turns our thoughts to calming introspection. Come breathe personal exploration into your creativity.

To Register (or for questions) call …

Elaine Frenett,   5 4 1 . 9 4 4 . 2 1 9 6

Register by June 15, 2017 and (subject to availability – we have limited our 2017 Retreat to six precious participants) we will add TWO FREE DAYS to your retreat!

The full retreat of lodging, food, and workshops is already a wonderful value at $300.00 per day. Yet, sign up by June 15, 2017 and we will add on two more free nights making your investment only $219.00 per day.

Just imagine, a full five days of workshops and then the bonus of two more free days for exploration and joy.

If you like the idea of lingering until Tuesday (instead of leaving at noon Sundday), then call today to reserve your space.

1 Response to Register

  1. NURIA SAN-MAURO says:

    I am so glad I saw you today and had a chance to share with you. Thank you for listening and for your help! Much appreciated. I will give you my deposit next time I see you at the Art Center.
    P.S. I would like to be in the room with the five ladies.
    Till soonish,
    Nuria xox

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