Culinary Coordinator Scholarship

Scholarship Awarded!  Meet Our Culinary Coordinator Extraordinaire


  1. To a woman who will plan and execute a menu for ten women during the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat. The Culinary Coordinator does planning, prep, presentation, and we do the applauds.
  2. The Culinary Coordinator receives full room and board at Lake Alpine Resort during the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat.


Food, as integral to the retreat as are the creative processes,  quiet time, and fellowship.

“Food to a large extent is what holds a society together and eating is closely linked to deep spiritual experiences.”                     -Peter Farb

At the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat the food is to be glorious, fresh, joyful and healthy; albeit with a tad of the decadent too. And by glorious we don’t mean complicated or fussy. Yet we would like to feel surprised.

With such wishes we are accepting applications for a Culinary Coordinator. This person must love food and be a good cook, yet need not be a professional. What is important is that this person is so well versed in their menu they will prepare all the meals for ten women with a spirit both joyful and relaxed.

In exchange for “making all the meals happen, with associated clean up, etc.” you receive a full week of room and board at the Lake Alpine Resort during the Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat.  Once our meals have been attended to, all other time during the week is your own. Get out to hike, paddle on the lake, fish, amble, or simply read on the deck. Or nap. Yet you are also welcome to be an onlooker to our workshops; to observe and participate. The choice is yours.

Right now our menu is open. All we know is that we want everyone at the retreat to depart feeling food was each day a wonderful discovery that they can’t help but talk about returning home. As such we seek a cook with the vision to make that happen. Breakfast might be like a B&B in New Zealand, where most items are set out as self serve and the cook then serves up eggs to order. Anyhow, we could babble on and on. The important thing is we see this as a creative collaboration and are eager for ideas. It’s a creative retreat where food should have a healthy spa feel yet embrace the rustic setting.

If all this sounds delicious to you, please familiarize yourself further with the full retreat itinerary and dates. Then call Elaine Frenett to discuss what you imagine as our menus and to talk about how you would handle logistics.


“To give life to beauty, the painter uses a whole range of colours, musicians of sounds, the cook of tastes — and it is indeed remarkable that there are seven colours, seven musical notes and seven tastes.”  –Lucien Tendret (1825-1896) ‘La Table au pays de Brillat-Savarin’

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