Alpine Women’s Journaling Retreat

Susy Explores Warm Pigments

These are fully packed, yet gently paced, days of creativity. Each day includes visual art journaling instruction with your tandem teachers Elaine Frenett and Jean Warren. Along with learning we take time to savor the lake and eat good food.

Arrive with a curious heart and you will depart with a refreshed spirit and a wealth of insights.


SUNDAY, September 11, 2011

This is a day of gently recalibrating hectic lives to the lake.  Arrive at the Lake Alpine Resort as early as you wish and you may wander the Lodge, the docks, the shore.

Cabins open at 2:00 pm. Get settled in and start meeting cabin mates as they too saunter in. We share two cabins, both with views of the lake.

At 5:00 pm our Alpine Retreat formally begins. With food! And like a happy clan of quail we trail off to our delicious dinner.

After dinner, we stir up our creativity with a group project that playfully unites our individual energies.

You receive your full set of workshop guides and handouts.

Then relax into the respite and revival to be had in the days to come. Absorb the glowing full moon energy present that week!

MONDAY  – THURSDAY, September 12-15, 2011

We ease into each day meandering to the shore for yoga (or stretching, or walking).

Then back to our cabins for breakfast.

The remainder of the morning is devoted to hands-on work. Among the many topics we will explore– Crafting page diversity … Discovering your page style so you never feel like you’re facing a blank page … Envisioning what your journal can “be” to you … Exploring the essence of an image … Refining word choices … Discovering content … Crafting a fresh art philosophy … Distilling the essential elements of the landscape …

Rekindling intuition and meditation as drawing … describing the indescribable … discovering how other painters paint … to feel freer with your art on the go … And much more.

Each day will be a mix of topics and activities. The focus on plunging into learning while also staying loose, relaxed and inventive.

At noon, we break for an extended, refreshing lunch. With plenty of time to take a private stroll, catch up in our journal, or maybe even nap.

We return to class endeavors, dwelling in creativity and mutual discovery until unwinding around a savory meal.

Then, after dinner we take time to share what discoveries came during Beautiful dayour day and our lives.

As much as these days are packed with workshops, learning, and group activity, there is also plenty of time to just be on your own. Relax, take in the mountain air, savor a mug of something steamy. Amble to the shore. And it’s all so easy because our cabins are nestled into nature overlooking the lake.

FRIDAY, September 16, 2011

This is the last day of our formal workshop series.

After optional yoga, we breakfast. Then we share one final project for focusing on what we have garnered in our time together, to share what we we’ve discovered, what we’ve learned, and how we have been infused by our mutual creativity.

Depart around noon.

This is an ideal retreat for spirited women who feel invigorated in the rustic beauty of a mountain setting, who love words, art, journaling and the energy of women.

Want to add 2 more days?

For free!

This all inclusive retreat of lodging, food, and workshops from Sunday to Friday is a fabulous value at less than $300.00 per day. And yet we want to make it even better! By giving you two more free nights.

Instead of leaving Friday you can linger till Sunday! All you have to do is register before July 15, 2011 (while spaces remain) and the two free nights are yours.

Why are we giving away two free nights?

We believe in retreats that dovetail to real people. And lot of planning and preparation goes into a great retreat. So, the sooner we know who will be there, the better we can plan a wonderful experience.

So it just makes sense to have a sense of who our cabin mates will be. To start sharing information and to learn about special interests. And that’s why we would love to give two free nights to those women most eager to live a week at the lake being creative.

These two free nights are doubly free! There’s no extra charge and you are free to do whatever your heart desires. These two free days are a great way to practice, while fresh, your new skills and insights.  Also a lovely way to enjoy the new friends you will have made.

At less than $300.00 a day this all inclusive retreat is a treat already. Yet when you add two free nights– now your retreat is only $219.00 each day.

Just imagine, five days of workshops and then the added delight of two more relaxing days for exploration and play.

The feedback forms from last year’s retreat had one overwhelming complaint– “It ended too soon” … “didn’t want to leave” … “went by too fast.” And we agree. We had already felt that when planning last year’s retreat, and that’s why we (Jean and Elaine) lingered longer last year. And it was wonderful! And that’s why we are offering you the same wonderful pleasure– open days to savor all the memories your journal’s can capture during this generous time of shared spirits.

Do two free days sound delicious to you? Then sign up today! 

1 Response to Itinerary

  1. I am very interested in joining this extraordinary experience but am limited on funds. Can you tell me more about the Scholarships? I am an excellent cook, I have coordinated hundreds of events for business groups in my career and executive assistant, currently corral 300 artists for gallery sitting and coordinate the Art Walk for the City of Redwood City. I am also an emerging watercolor artist having only started painting again after raising two sons alone and working for 45 years.
    Would you please let me know if there is any possibility of a scholarship. “I work for food and art”! Thank you!

    Alisan Andrews

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