2010 – Album & Feedback

Some stuff from last year’s retreat.

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Elaine crafted an atmosphere that was welcoming, relaxing … and conducive to learning and growth. – J. Gardner

A truly memorable time filled with support and friendship. – J. Gardner

Now I’m journaling regularly and enjoying it … because, Elaine made me realize that regularity was way more important than following the “purist” rules (like only paint from real life, or use real light). – M. Harris

From the end of retreat survey form:

 What did you love about the retreat?

  • Expanded my confidence to take risks with watercolors and sketching.
  • Interaction of sharing why we paint.
  • Learning about getting thoughts into words and writing to see where it goes
  • Meditation, and I loved the morning yoga.
  • Especially enjoyed the “word” exercises and would like to have done more.
  • The exercises on “getting in touch with intuition”.
  • That there was not the distraction of sightseeing made the lake setting perfect.
  • Can’t believe the amount of material both instructors brought … so well prepared.
  • The back to basics of sketch/draw that focused on intuition.
  • That this was about growth and our own discoveries, instead of “paint like me”.
  • Blend of time spend on being creatively inspired and also technical information.
  • The blending of info and experiencial activity, like the color wheel adventure.
  • These instructors really make you feel good about yourself.
  • The variety created by two complementary, but compatible teachers.
  • The approach of connecting the spiritual to the process of making art.
  • Pristine setting of Lake Alpine.
  • Making new friends.
  • The instructors – as people and artists – are great role models.
  • Wealth of valuable and interesting resources.
  • Atmosphere was welcoming, relaxing and conducive to learning and growth.
  • Truly memorable time that felt joyful and full of friendship.
  • Wonderfully freeing week.
  • The way it was organized caused everyone to have a unique connection to everyone else.
  • The shaking meditation.
  • Overflowing with insights and ideas.
  • Expanded my quiver of ideas for journaling.
  • Wonderfully relaxing environment that made it comfortable being “overwhelmed” by creative ideas.
  • How going back to basics parts broadened my options and gave me a much wider spectrum of techniques and materials.

What would you like to change?

  • Absolutely nothing!
  • The trip to town sounded like it would be a nice break, however it turned out being at the lake was perfect and I would have rather stayed at the lake the and hike.
  • That it was over too soon.
  • Time went by too quickly.
  • Wished for more days.
  • Wanted more time back at the beach for painting.
  • Wasn’t ready to go home.
  • Wanted more time to work with all the wonderful things learned.

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