Process and Release

This creative project was in conjunction with a Tuesday at the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat. All nestled around our work tables we were given this assignment.

Using Paperclay, a non-toxic & acid free medium, we each sculpted an intimate, “energy” amulet. First, we considered an “energy” or “feeling” or “dream envisioned”, which we’d like to release into the world. Then, using a rock as a foundation, each of us applied glue to a rock loosely, then pressed the Paperclay creating the object. Perhaps the energy increased or helped to generate the actual creation and later, we planned how to “release it”.

How would we release our amulet into the world … spreading the “energy” of the word we had chosen? Some may have released their amulet during our hike the following day, others took them home to leave, maybe, on the library shelf or others, may have given it to a friend.

If you are reading this, perhaps you have been blessed with being one of our “Finders” ~ the special people selected to hold and gather not only the amulet, but it’s special “energy”. We invite you to next go to our “Finders” page ~ and tell us your story. The continuing story of the “Energy Amulet”.

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