At the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat we took on emotional, artistic, and diverse exercises. Some for play. Some for stretching our selves. Once Elaine had met the Paperclay medium, a non-toxic & acid free soft white clay, her imagination was sparked. She’s tested out some of her ideas in her journal with her illuminated letter frames and here, it carried across into this personally expressive and physically detailed project.

Come Tuesday morn, we were given this project. With Paperclay, a non-toxic & acid free medium, we were to sculpt an intimate, “energy” amulet. First, we considered an “energy” or “feeling” or”dream envisioned”, which we’d like to release into the world. Then, using a rock as a foundation, each of us applied glue to a rock loosely, then pressed the Paperclay around the rock, creating the object. We continued with imprinting textures or shapes onto or into the Paperclay, continuing to think of the energy we’d hoped to outpicture. 

How would we release our amulet into the world … spreading the “energy” of the word we had chosen? Some may have released their amulet during our hike the following day, others took them home to leave, maybe, on the in the Mall under a bench or others, may have given it to a BFF. Following the process and release . . . the continuing saga of the “Energy” Amulet meanders into the world with our next step . . . the “Finders”.

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