Visual Art Journaling

to transport words & images into a fusion of discovery that enlivens the spirit. 

Visual Art Journaling is led by Elaine Frenett who, after years of success in fine arts, now offers a variety of unique programs devoted to growth in visual art journaling. 

  • Her workshops integrate both the spiritual and technical attributes for finding inspiration and success.
  • Each year Visual Art Journaling organizes a creative retreat for women.  
  • Elaine also takes on private commissions to produce one of a kind hand made journals for illuminating important life events … like 50th Anniversaries, Graduations, Weddings, Retirement, Travel. 

3 Responses to Visual Art Journaling

  1. suzanne Etienne says:

    when is next art journal class—-would love to take it!

  2. Brooke Nuckles Gentekos says:


    I am teaching a series of Apis Arts workshops as part of the College of the Melissae Center for Sacred Beekeeping (based in Ashland). The first class, in February, is called Creating Your Book of Mysteries- Nature Journaling.
    Each participant will be creating a book to document their experiences with the honey bees, or Apis Mellifera.

    As part of my list of resources and inspiration, May I please suggest to the students that they follow your blog and quote your definitions of visual art journaling? Also, I am happy to help promote any upcoming classes you may be teaching at the art center. Will you be coordinating a retreat this year?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    In addition to being part of the College of the Melissae faculty, I’m also the education and exhibitions coordinator for the Rogue gallery & art center.

    Thanks again!!!


    • Oh Brooke – absolutely you may recommend my site. I’ve not seen your comment and apologies for my missing it. Last year my women’s retreat used the time up in the Sierras for recharging, doing a local presentation for Jurnaling and re-inventing this coming year’s “Women’s Art Discoveries” Retreat September 13 – 18, 2015. It will delve more deeply into who we are as individual artists and why we create – using journaling, painting, mixed media and words. We are excited! I’m also doing a June Retreat, “Cross-train Your Creativity” where I will lead watercolorists in watercolor, plein air and journaling. While my partner will teach photographers on iPhone and iPad … we’ll come together for critiques and meal. In NE Oregon the lodging offers teepees as well as a lovely loft apartment. It too will be an adventure! Also, I have a “Watercolor: in Deeper Pursuit” beginning intermediate-intermediate 6 wk. class coming end of April at the Art Center. How kind of you to offer to promote my classes. BTW – how did your Nature Journaling Class go? Love to see results of the work? anywhere online I could see it? Are you still in charge of Rogue Gallery & Art Center?

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