What people are saying about workshops, classes, the journals, and such.

Private Lessons

I was totally gob smacked yesterday, (a fine English phrase meaning stunned beyond words), at amount of care and time you put into preparation you put into my private lesson. It was amazing; no one I know goes to that much attention and thoughtful, imaginative ways to make things easier and clearer for her student. I think you are the teacher of the year and am telling all my art or not so artsy friends about you. You have been an inspiration to me, showing me how patience, caring and never giving up really changes things. And while I may not yet have perspective under my belt, I do have your tools and your voice in my head. – S. Newby

Elaine’s Journals

Lusciously inspiring … they have me convinced that this can be a great way to search out the meaning/content in our work. – N. Calhoun

Love how the words flow in and out of the images, like waves lapping at a shore.

Elaine’s work is stunning … each page a work of art. With “illuminated” caps, at least on to a page, and a brilliant, loose watercolor paintings. The text was written in an attractive style, somewhere between calligraphy and well, I can’t describe it, but it really adds beauty to the page. She’s a real artist! I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who journals—it would really open up lots of possibilities.  — Irene Brady of NatureWorksPress.com

Elaine’s journals are poetry … the writing so well complemented by the visuals. I could feel the places. –Ratindra Das

Elaine took a special yet simple event, having lunch, and turned it into art. What she does is a magical blend of love and life, where words and images blend seamlessly.  – Anne Lazarus

The Retreat

Elaine crafted an atmosphere that was welcoming, relaxing … and conducive to learning and growth. – J. Gardner

A truly memorable time filled with support and friendship. – J. Gardner

Now I journal regularly and enjoying it … because, Elaine made me realize that regularity was way more important than following the “purist” rules (like only paint from real life, or use real light). – M. Harris

 Mentoring & Teaching

After decades of observing landscapes, birds and wildlife, plants, truffles, rocks, I am amazed to find myself seeing more–the color of shadows, yellow ochre in clouds, shapes not objects, complements that work, non-complements that don’t work, grays and tans… Thanks for all that. – D.S.

Elaine inspires me to want to be just like her, knowing that will cause me to discover a wonderful version of me in journaling. – Claudia Olivos 

Working with Elaine not only gave me a chance to really bring out my own style of painting, it made me feel more willing to be spontaneous. Each time we went out I had no idea what to expect, and yet somehow with her mentoring me it always turned out wonderful. I really grew through that, learning to trust that the unknown can be wonderful.  – K. Boles

I was a beginner so my learning curve was steep, but Elaine’s Personal Journaling & Watercolor Sketching class opened my eyes to really seeing. AND I learned I could draw, which is way exciting. – A. Berkley

Plein Air Painting with Elaine

Learning plein art painting with Elaine was empowering. She inspired me to have confidence to do my own painting and then later, comparing what I did to what she did, I discovered a greater range of seeing, along with new techniques. This time together painting, mixed with assignments to work on my own really grew my confidence by leaps and bounds. Another great feature of painting with Elaine is that I’d come to the lesson all frazzled from a day of work, thinking maybe this was a mistake to take on, and yet always my mood improved. The setting and Elaine’s guidance always led to better art and better spirit for me.  – S.  Newby

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