Elaine Frenett

Originally from Colorado, where light and color travel from the gray monotone of winter snow storms to the brilliant splash of spring flowers in meadows green, Elaine went on to graduate, in 1991, from San Jose State University. She holds a BS in Graphic Design, focused in Illustration.

As an Illustrator Elaine’s work was published from New York to San Francisco. Yet in that busy schedule she began to paint from the heart. The positive response from her audience led her deeper and completely into fine art. Her work is held in collections, private, corporate, and museum, here and abroad. Today she is a member of these fine art groups:

  • Watercolor Society of Oregon
  • Artists’ Workshop of Oregon
  • Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon
  • Ashland Artisans Gallery & Art Center
  • Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society
  • California Watercolor Association
  • Watercolor West Juried Member
  • Artists for Open Space, an original member

As a gifted teacher Elaine has conducted programs in a diverse range of settings; such as art clubs and Universities. Plus, she gives private lessons. Then it all dovetailed — her inquiring spirit in journaling, her passion for teaching, her creativity in forms, and her connection with people — to launched the annual Alpine Womens’ Journaling Retreat.

Today, firmly planted in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Oregon, Elaine divides her time between two remarkable towns: the historic and charming Jacksonville (where she lives), and the energetic arts community of Ashland (where she has an open studio). To view more of her work, click here.

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