Commemorate a special life event with stunning, one-of-a-kind memento!

Elaine Frenett, an award winning visual art journal designer, now accepts private commissions.

The depth and breadth of her experience makes her ideal for distilling the essence of each unique story, to give it joy and beauty. While her background includes a wealth of illustration and fine arts, it is her passion for visual art journaling that is the focal point of her work today.

This unique approach to journaling – with its full integration of words to images – has proved powerful and compelling. In 2010 she submitted a visual art journal into the Spirit of the Rogue competition (where it was judged against a wide range of artists working in diverse media) and it took first place.

Also making Elaine Frenett and ideal collaborator in producing special commissions is her success as a creative mentor and her innate empathy. She loves working with people.

This amalgamation of spirit and technical expertise is essential in crafting something both beautiful and true to a key life event (like retirements, birthdays, world travel, weddings, or graduations).

Commissions generally require 90 days advance time to allow for brainstorming, creative direction, and then the actual production; and may range from $300.00 to $3,000.00, depending on the scope; and final formats can range from multiple individual keepsake chapbooks, to wall art, to full journals.

Call today for a FREE consultation. 

Do you have a special event – such as a retirement, anniversary, graduation, wedding –  that will happen in the coming year? Then now is the perfect time to call Elaine to discover how she might illustrate it for you as a fine art journal. 

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Praise for Elaine’s Work

Elaine’s work is stunning … each page a work of art. With “illuminated” caps, at least on to a page, and a brilliant, loose watercolor paintings. The text was written in an attractive style, somewhere between calligraphy and well, I can’t describe it, but it really adds beauty to the page. She’s a real artist! I highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who journals—it would really open up lots of possibilities.  – Irene Brady of


Elaine’s journals are poetry … the writing so well complemented by the visuals. I could feel the places. –Ratindra Das


Elaine took a special yet simple event, having lunch, and turned it into art. What she does is a magical blend of love and life, where words and images blend seamlessly.  – Anne Lazarus


Lusciously inspiring … they have me convinced that this can be a great way to search out the meaning/content in our work. – Nancy Calhoun


Love how the words flow in and out of the images, like waves lapping at a shore.

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