Saturday after the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat ~ the playing

Focused Fun!Our first wide open, uncommitted, untangled, footloose day at Lake Alpine dawned with blue skies. Those who’d registered in time for our Early Bird qualification, were gifted these two additional free nights stay to play! We dug into our breakfast and lunch stashes for our meals and then, just did what the heck we ever wanted.

Creative ConsiderationOf course, much of the day is spent at our tables, creating, finishing up and just inventing. Jean here is just having too much fun, while Kitty peruses possibilities. I am putting final touches on my “Harvest Book’s” nest on my journal page. It’s plump and I have to consider how it can easily slide in and out, yetElaine's Harvest Book Installed in Journal stay in the journal when the pages turn. I attach this half, copper/metallic envelope, with two rows of ATG tape (double-sided framers tape) running parallel about an inch in from the sides of the back of the envelope. That will allow a bend in the envelope that can accommodate the chubby book. And playing with paper punches . . . I add that lil’ diamond window for fun!

Our plan for the evening is to travel down to Arnold to dine at the yummy “El Vachero” Mexican Restaurant. But as the day progressed, we were made aware of a Surreal Lighting in Arnoldcoming storm. These early fall storms are exciting and unexpected . . . and it added to our anticipation. I mean, they were even talkingSunset-Light Painted Trees about snow!!! But that couldn’t be, after all it was just the second week in September, right? So late afternoon we all squeezed into my Subaru and curved our way down to Arnold. There were dark, foreboding clouds and just as we arrive in Arnold, the sun breaks through a slice of blue at Lake Alpine Lodge with Fresh Snowthe horizon, painting the trees and surrounding buildings with a surreal palette.

Dinner was fabulous and cozy warm in the colorful restaurant . . . yet outside, brewing was another thrill for us. With full lil’ bellies, we squish into the car and start out in a subtle rain. As we climb in altitude, yes, it Deck Tables Blanketedturns to fluffy, white flakes. Once again I’m grateful for my Subaru and we end up driving through two-three inches of snow, without incident, safely back to the glow of the Ponderosa Cabin.

9LodgeFireplaceAglow2Majestic and magical, this new wonderland, I have to wander out into it (maybe those Colorado-native genes kick in, who knows!)! Everything is changed . . . even inside the Lodge, they have kindled a hearty fire in the hearth and there is chatter of the storm and conditions aflutter in the conversations. I love the freshness in the air and the quiet mystery snow blankets our familiar surrounds with. Ok,Snow Drive Home back to the cabin (others were worried about me, I’d not warned them about my fascination with the snow, sorry).

We nest in, safe, warm, thrilled with this delightful exclamation point to bring to a close our 2014 Retreat. And a lil’ PS . . . the next morn, brilliant sun melted the snow, paving dry portage back to our homes. Isn’t life amazing and wonderful?!?!?

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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