Friday of the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat ~ the Ending

Our final day of the Retreat begins quiet, stillness surrounding our yoga with just French Toast Final Breakfastthe waves lapping between asanas. But shortly, frivolity skittered at the breakfast table. Our attentive Chef Kim had planned for us decadent French Toast topped with fresh strawberries and bananas. Yesterday, she’s asked us if we wanted fresh whole whipped cream. Are you kidding? You know our answer!!!! And we were allowed to scoop out as much of that whipped cream as we each personally preferred! So here we are, just before Rebecca Show 'n Tellthe eating process (that’s before we waddled back to the cabin). Thank you Kim for so pampering us, you made our meals deliciously abundant and our requests so kindly attended to!

Our morning agenda takes a bit of time for each of us to walk through our journals. We get to show and see all the work and effort resulting in some pretty amazing discoveries. Laughter and “wows” abounded, I mean, this is the first opportunity for all of us together to see what each one of us had completed or invented or toiled through! Pages were so diverse, expressive and tender, each heart was poured out onto these. And it was magical to grasp everyone’s dedication and thrill with what had been accomplished over this full five days!

Kitty's Remembering

BUT, our work was not yet quite done! Our ending exercise is entitled, “Harvest Books”, where we create for each one of us, a sweet, tiny book  (3×5 when folded) that contains  a lil’ personalized entry from each of us. So first, we need to claim our book front withHarvest Book Front visuals that denotes to whom the book belongs. Once that stage is complete, we pass around the books with certain time limits for designing and executing each page. Because this year’s retreat is very intimate, we are allowed a “double page” per person and up to twenty minutes before we Two Books in the Makinghad to pass the books on along to the next person. It’s always hilarious! At first, everyone is squealing that there’s not enough time, that her glue isn’t dry or that she started late. But soon, it’s a fascinating rhythm that begins to flow, you establish a system on your hurried table, you begin to think ahead of time what items, images or words are applicable to certain ladies . . . and . . . for some it ends up being the very favorite process ofOur Smilin' Group! the entire retreat. Nonetheless, when finished we each have a charming tiny book to take home to remember each and every one who shared this very special time with

Ok, before lunch, we need to get a quick group photo since one creative is rushing off to catch a plane in Sacramento. Quick, smile, Lunch Freshness!say “cheeeeeeeeze” and tah dah! And we remaining are off to our finishing lunch together!

The remainder of the afternoon is free flowing, open time. Those who’d registered in time When Work is Play!to qualify for our “Early Bird” special, receiving two free additional night stay, will be off playing at what ever they so choose. Most of you creatives know what happens to me . . . yes, I’m right across the table from Jean here, working in my journal. Another of us is off with her inflatable raft to paddle around the sunny lake, while another, well heck, it’s time for a cozy afternoon nap.

Evening finds us dining at the Lake Alpine Lodge with silly playtime our only remaining agenda. No problem doing that!! Then comes satisfied slumber . . .

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An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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