Wednesday of the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat

We were up early to stretch through our yoga (but had to stop and relish again, the delicateDelicate Cairn beauty of Hobbiton) and breakfasted before Wednesday activities. This mid-week apex in the Retreat is our time to shoot out from our comfy cabin surroundings. On previous retreats we’ve taken a hike up over to Duck Lake and it’s always a refreshing alternative. But this year, Jean and I’d ventured up to the nearby Mosquito Lake (about 20-30Mosquito Lake stillness minutes away, depending if you stop for the magnificent views) before the retreat started, and, well, fell in love.

The blue-skied day finds us at the morning-still lake. Mosquito Lake, which is actually made up of two lil’ lakes timidly dammed with rock ‘n mortar, sits on the precipice just before you leap down Ebbetts Pass at 8,050   Ebbetts Pass Altitudefeet. After some exploring and exclamations, we settle our chairs in, to do a quiet word exercise. The Rebecca's Box Lunchfinished pieces are read aloud to see if we can all guess about what the writer was speaking. Plenty of laughs there!

Lunch time arrives and we dig into our plumply packed “box lunches” from the Lake Alpine Lodge Restaurant (I mean, look at the size of the box!?!). Oh MY . . . I’ll never eat all this! But it was endearing to see the special chef at the Lodge had packed extra pickles forJean's Shadow Demo the one of us who’d requested them. Such personalized attention!!

The afternoon process was lead by Jean . . . shadow painting! We all nest around Jean for her demo and then, wander off to find particular scenes that attracted us individually. I stumbled upon a cabin tucked 6JNsEShdowPntg130back in the pines with rock formed steps and deep forest behind. Yummy for shadows! It was hard to stop painting but when Jean finally came to retrieve me, I knew I had to stop. We all reviewed and commented on the different viewpoints and painting quality of each – – so strikingly unique!

Some afternoon breezes had come up and we certainlyYosemite View wanted to stop to drink in a shot from the vista pull-off. So we pack up and weave our way back towards Lake Alpine. This view faces south, towards Yosemite. The stubborn, twisted trees who remain on the cliff year after hard-weather year have such rugged, magnificent personalities!

The evening fills with dinner and quite chatter over our journal page projects . . . or perhaps over left-over dessert from our box lunches. You know the pleasures of satisfying the sweet tooth . . .

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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