Tuesday of the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat

Tuesday's Sunrise!

The brilliant blue sky came to life as the sun peaked the ridge, flooding our Ponderosa Cabin with golden light. While we are Early Morn Creativity!gathering ourselves together to head down to the yoga rocks, Jean is already busy at work in her journal (notice the time on the clock in the background).

Cairns A'ManyAs we meander our usual route down to the lake, I notice just across this one inlet, there’s several new cairns positioned atop many of our familiar rocks. But – wait – there’s not just a few. There probably thirtyAmazing Arch! lil’ creatures who have come to life since yesterday. It’s like walking among a new village and – wow – just to our left is a magnificent arch. All of us are thrilled, fascinated and thoroughly entranced. Photos and smiles abound as we notice in the soft sand, the creators’ had titled this village “Hobbiton” and invited us to add additional rocks! Finally, we make it to our yoga – it’s quiet and Us All Contour Drawingrejuvenating.

After breakfast, we trot along the eastern edge of the lake to a sheltered area, to locate for one of our favorite exercises. Jean leads us and we all situate our chairs, bodies and journals comfortably for the chime of the bell, denoting the start of the contour/intuition process. For me, what overtook my awareness was the contrast of the chill (when the sun was behind the clouds) and the warmth (when the sun flooded over my body). This is the “near completion” for me of the exercise. I love how uncontrolled the process is, yet totally it shows the scene and the feelings. We all continue painting and working til the lunch hour Elaine's Contour Drawing Process, the startapproaches.

The colorful spread for lunch is a warm welcome reprieve from the outdoor breeze. Totally satisfied from our mid-day feast, the participants have to make a decision. Because Jean and I have so many diverse processes that we want to share at the retreat, she and I just couldn’t come to make the selections. So, for our afternoon projects, Paper Clay Chairwe offered up four different options and from that, “PaperClay Creations” and “Stamp Making” were chosen.

Paper Clay is one of my very “funnest” additions to journaling. I’ve come to use it to start out each new journal. It’s become a way to launch into that awful “first white, bare page”! The paper clay item I insert also has taken on my pondering a meaning in my life at that particular time, it may help Kitty's Paper ClayTreeme focus on a goal or direction I want to follow. Here’s one where my focus was “home”. This medium is quite flexible … a cellulose that air dries, paints with anything and can then be sealed – or not. That’s what we played with for a couple hours. Here’s Kitty’s Jean's Stamp Bearunpainted lil’ tree!  Yep, we all resorted back to our childhood and it was transforming.

Jean takes over, demonstrating how to make stamps. T’was a carving crazy time and the time flew. Giggles and dedicated Rebecca's Stamp Cakeconcentration were the alternate sounds. And here’s a dandy, sweet bear Jean carved out and bouncy, birthday cakes by Giggles 'n SmilesRebecca! Too much fun!

Dinner finds us cuddled around the table reminiscing the magical cairn village we’d discovered, contemplating one another’s creative depth and anticipating the growing camaraderie of tomorrow’s trip up to Mosquito Lake.

Pleasant dreams . . .

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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