Monday of the Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat

Monday dawned sunny and inviting. We meander our path down to ourMornin' Yoga sandy rock outcropping where we do our mornin’ yoga.  The lake’s quiet and serene blue begins to further quiet our minds, emptying all thoughts save for that of connected-ness and creativity.

Selected Scene for DemoFollowing a more than filling breakfast, we travel into basics for journaling. One of the advantages with having two instructors, is that Elaine's Demoboth Jean and I present how differently we approach journaling and watercolor. After selecting an interesting, nearby scene, we set up our chairs and dig in for what we humorously call “dueling painters”. With Jean and I allowed the same amount of Jean's Demotime, the same scene, we demonstrate our materials, our thinking process and our painting approach. Jean begins with rhythm washes and big brushes, and I, arrange the scene for mood and start with saving whites and yellow washes. Neither of us finish . . . well, ’til later . . . but good exposure for participants who might be pondering “how” to move into a journal page with their paint brush.

All too quickly the morn has past and we head into theMountain Blossom Lake Alpine Lodge for lunch. En route, I discover this elegant flower (shoot, I forgot the name of this flower! any help?) just outside the Lodge. Inside, we are confronted by a table cascading with so many fresh and diverse sandwich Yummmmmmmmm, my lunch!items from which to build our own meal (the special meal arrangement we have carved out with the restaurant) . . . I finally have to decide . . . upon a half sandwich and some plump red grapes. I know if I eat too much for the mid-day meal, I’ll be ready for a nap rather than journaling!

With round lil’ bellies, we waddle back to the cabin and settle into the individual work spaces we have set up for all of us. Our afternoon project involves first, clarifying our dreams, cutting out portions from giant atlases (yep, giant: 11 Jean's workspacex 16 inches) and embellishing with any chosen media. T’was all very energy charged and introspectively exciting once we got into it . . . I mean, look here at Jean’s table!!! What a mess (but we all know she managed order out of the chaos!!).

Following a savory dinner catered by the restaurant, we nest into comfort and conversation in the Ponderosa cabin. The sweet part about having our work space right there in the cabin . . . those who want to glue ‘n paint while we chatter certainly took advantage of the situation. I mean, really, why would we stop inventing? Really!?!?

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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