2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Friday

Trees Surrounding Yoga RocksAn odd energy is present . . .  we all know this is our final morn of structured retreat. For me, there’s kind of an aching in the air. We trundle down to our sunny yoga spot and once nested in, our mascot “lil’ bird” comes to join us. I mean, one morn she flew so close to me that she touched me as I was coming up from a yoga position. We heard from other campers that she’d had twine wrapped around her legs and even when someone was kind enough to

Our Yoga Mascot

untangle and set her feet free, she’s continued to hop like she’s injured. And probably is. We’re all so touched she trusts us enough to come settle next to us during our daily yoga.

Izzy's Homemade Jams Aglow!

The warm rays encourage us back to the cabin where breakfast awaits. The table is set with home made jams (you would have laughed as all the “artist eyes” grabbed cameras to capture the golden glow of the back lit jam jars ~ yes, here’s my sketch from the scene).

The agenda for creative time is to do short shares from every one’s journals and then, dive into a

Sharing with Discernment

group endeavor. The amount of work and diversity of all the pages was fascinating and heartwarming . . . it was like a review of our days together. But you can see, some were thrilled with their entries, others less thrilled. Nonetheless the smiles, laughter and time flew by and we had to move on to filling our shared accordion books.

Sharing with Delight

These small watercolor paper books become unique and precious to each one of us. We start with them totally blank, endeavor to create signature covers and then, with two different processes, allow each participant to add to each person’s blank book. Silly side comments,

Strong Graphic Accordion Cover

brash exclamations and brilliant inventions were intermittently interjected, adding to the humor and unity. Initially, there is frustration and thrill with the limited time we allowed but, by the end, several creatives loved this as their “favorite” exercise.

Diverse Interior Book Pages

Soon, time for our final lunch sneaks up on us. These “Friday Final Lunch” gatherings have turned into something even more special ~ our Alumni Lunch! We invite all those who have previously attended our retreats to join us, catch up and meet all the new amazing individuals that have made up this 2012 Retreat. It is a trek for most Alumni and our friend and alum, Nancy, is waiting for us at the sun sprinkled table. After “ooohhhhhhhhhhhh-ing” and “ahhhhhhhhhhh-ing”over

Full Alumni Lunch TableChef Izzie’s yummy finale’ ~ Nancy volunteers to take a group shot. With everyone wanting to have her take several shots “with their camera” it turns silly but, it surely aided in our digestion.

Eventually, the Alumni Lunch is over and, with this time forward being our “free time”, to do with exactly as we each want to, we disperse. Actually, most of us return to the Sequoia Cabin to continue the rewarding

The 2012 Official Retreat Collection

process of finalizing unfinished pages. It’s a sweet time, the afternoon sun streams in and Deep in Creativity!focused minds savor the discovery time. Now, don’t they look deep in luscious invention?

The afternoon played out in individuals dwelling in the midst of a web of new found friends, even a “momentary family”. Dinner took us to the Lake Alpine Lodge Restaurant and giggles and comfortable conversation melted into a good night’s slumber.

Formally, the 2012 Women’s Journaling Alpine Retreat had ended . . . oh but the two free days had just begun . . .

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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