2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Thursday

Silent Lake, Gliding Boat

Our Thursday dawned just as another day in paradise. Mornin’ yoga glistened with silence only broken by a far off fishermen’s gliding boat.

Once back to the cabins, Izzy had laid out a Buffet Breakfast Backlitefeast for our eyes as well as our stomachs. After days of focusing on visuals ~ we all are beginning to see beauty, design, color harmonies everywhere, even in these eggs! and the dried fruit! Isn’t it wonderful seeing with artists’ eyes?

FruitOk, on to our journal creating. This morn we dive into one of my all time favorites to share for journaling: incorporating paperclay! Check out this gallery link for Paperclay and see all that is possible. When inserting a paperclay piece into a journal, I prefer to flatten the material as it will fit into your pages better. But again, we can let our imaginations run. I’ve prepared this

PaperClay Cloudpaperclay “cloud” piece ahead of time and demo my process, finishing up with painting with watercolor and once dry, sealing with Mod Podge. And then comes the stitching of the piece into the journal ~ and I’ll never use fishing line again!! It stays

curled, Fascinated!! get knotted up and you can’t see what you are doing ~ but Darlene and I laughed so hard in the process I had tears rolling down my cheeks. See, it actually turned out pretty ok (except for I couldn’t tie the end of the fishing line and left the beading needle there at the end)! Here’s the journal process and sharing our ideas ~ and it’s so juicy!

Bush 'n Rock Haiku

After a not-quite-as-peaceful-as-we’d-envisioned Buddhist Meditation, we break for a lunch salad of roasted asparagus, poached egg, brioche with creamy shallot vinaigrette . . . and many yummmmmmmmmmmms.

Jean lead our afternoon process combining sense seeing and haiku writing. After a brief instruction with diverse samples, we all skitter about, in search ofRock Haiku Deep in creatingwhat part of nature speaks to us personally. Here, Cookie caught me totally immersed in painting, ignoring the chill starting to approach from the west. The afternoon had started warm ‘n sunny, yet low thin clouds appeared along with that breeze and as each of us finished our haiku, we patter back to the cabin’s warmth. But didn’t we create some tantalizing results combining Shoreline Haikuimage and word?

This Thursday being our final formal retreat dinner together, Chef Izzy had stirred up something special. We warmed with afternoon teas and soon blood returned to our blue fingers. By the time our Rabbit Sugo, Housemade Tarragon Pasta with Lemon was ready Dinner Smileswe all found seats outside to enjoy the afternoon setting sun. The meal was luscious and we reveled in shared stories and friendships that had blossomed. There was just too much fun by the time we got to our Almond Cake with White Chocolate Ganache and fresh berries.

Can you tell we just had another rich day that we just didn’t want to end?

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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