2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Wednesday

Another unbelievably beautiful mountain morn greets us. Once more we savor our sun warmed yoga and I believe one of our participants captured the essence of her yoga experience perfectly. Once back to the cabin we are treated to one of the most delicious of Izzy’s  concoctions: “Caprese Salad”, crispy polenta, charred tomatoes, and basil topped with a poached to perfection egg. Might I add that this breakfast was “this” good!!!

Our relaxed hike to Duck Lake is our agenda today. While Izzy packs up our gourmet lunches, we organize our packs with art necessities, water and, of course, our journals! Shortly we are off under a azure sky up over the ridge. There is fascination with all elements of nature. One of our participants is knowledgeable in trees, mushrooms (particularly truffles) and animals ~ and then we also have two bird watchers. Eventually we meander into the wide valley that opens green meadows and its sparkling lake to us. We investigate how much farther the ole’ mountain cabin has caved in since last year and poke into the ole’ interior of the still standing structure.

Once we finish perusing the unusual tree shapes and the elegant rolling granite rock configuration, we settle into our next creative processes. Perched on warm rocks we whittle away with finessing our words and then, struggle and discover with our shadows in nature . . . and perhaps ourselves. Following our Chicken Pesto

Sandwiches and Roasted Corn and Farro Salad, we watch shadows
grow long and begin backtracking towards the cabin.

Once back at the cabin, relaxing is foremost on our mind. Some pull out the previous day’s word exercise and realize that we’ve not had time to read them aloud. So we roost onto the Ponderosa Cabin porch and giggle at the stories we have imagined. WHAT minds!! We have time to patter about and glide into dinner time of Lemon grass infused Jasmine Rice, Summer Beans and Ginger Marinated Prawns. After dinner we work some in our journals and nest together looking thru one another’s journals and other great books to share.

Yum ~ just another day in paradise! Silly . . . we get to wake up and do it all once more!

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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