2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Tuesday

A lovely Tuesday poured sunshine across the Sierras. Up to greet the morn and down to the silent shoreline for our yoga. We get back to smile into our zucchini, goat cheese and basil frittata.

This mornin’ we trickle down to the nearby lake’s edge where Jean will take over. She decides the tree roots and intertwining of trees and their shadows will be a good subject for this process and we gather around to absorb. Then, we seek out our own private spots to spend our morning releasing control into following intuition. A challenging process for many of us artists.

Here’s a couple samples of the resulting journal entries. A lot of this process depends upon one’s ability to relax, let go of thinking and absorbing one’s surroundings in depth. And today, well, I had difficulty shutting off my mind. Intermittently, I’d get spurts of being present and my piece felt very disjointed. I did work on clarifying it after the retreat . . . but remember, with my journal I recall everything about the process (good and not so good). Now with this participant’s piece, I love how she’s spilled across into the opposite page and seems to flow so beautifully. These works are very revealing.

Gladly, we collect back at the Ponderosa Cabin where our “Miracle Bowls”, a specialty of our Chef Izzy await. And we savor the mix of greens, garlic veggies and pearl couscous. But our next magical intuitive page entry awaits too . . . and we’re off to get in touch with our very own animal to enliven our mandala.

What I love about this progression . . . is that some part of what message we receive from our intuition, nearly every one’s logical mind/brain “poo-poos” or discounts it. Look at these vibrant, juicy mandalas that evolved as we “got out of our way” and painted from our inner messengers. I sense such strong, brilliant voices from within that have spoke these images forth. Pretty powerful, eh?

We finish up the “play” day with a colorful word exercise and relax into our evening. But why should the night time be sedentary? Not a chance!!!

We’d hoped to bring our delicious dinner with us, but were deterred by threatening thunderclouds. By dusk with the clouds clearing, we grab our flashlights, Beth brings her guitar and sheet music with words for us all and we gather ’round our warm campfire near the water’s shore. We discover our Chef Izzy has other secret tendencies (namely a closet “pyromaniac”) and she oversees the flames. It takes us awhile for us to get our “voices” and we laugh a lot about the songs and words that bring back so many memories for us all (again, thanks Beth for being our marvelous song leader!!).

Finally, one-by-one, we turn back towards the cabin after drowning our fire, and head to restful slumber wearing sweet smiles.

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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