2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Monday

The quiet cabin squeaks and yawns as the first full day of our Retreat awakens. Up, washed, brushed and relatively awake, first on our agenda: our yoga practice. The fifteen minute meander spills out on a jutting granite point, flattened and perfect for gazing out across nature’s beauty as we do our Sun Salute. Everyone participates (well, save for our returning “delinquent” Cookie, who, as you can see takes the best photos!) and there’s a gathering and interweaving of energies just silently participating together. A-H-H-h-h, wonderful start to the day andwe arrive back at the cabin to a breakfast of yogurt parfaits, toasted coconut granola and ginger carrot muffins from Chef Izzy. Oh, yes … and warm, steamy coffee ‘n tea too!

Our first mornin’ both Jean and I cover general approaches to Journaling. We discuss the varieties of approaches, designs and materials. After our lunch break we lightly cover the fifty one page “Retreat Handbook’s” portion of “Tips and Tricks” for future use. Then, we dive into some actual work. Well, it more be more like play. Remember those paper dolls you used to play with? Well, here we got to create, in our imagined “perfect” self-portrait image, our own paper doll. Some of us never got to the stage of
making clothing, like mine here (with joints at every joint, and those”always-dreamed-of” thin thighs, got what I’d never wear: flashy green underwear and pink hiking boots!).  And later in the evening I spent time sewing french knots for her curly hair. Then, there’s Sue who even got to the stage of creating clothing for her doll. I love how she incorporated the doll-making process on her journal page around the doll itself! T’was like being a kid again ~ which
was actually the whole goal of the exercise!

We wander back to the Ponderosa cabin where Izzy’s been working all day. The weather has been so warm and comfortable we decide to eat our evening meals on the deck that over looks the lake. We’re nearly ready to eat our Bacon Wrapped Quail, Creamy Polenta with peaches & greens here with hungry smiles. Then, came this
exquisite, and deliberately small enough to savor, chocolate dessert!

A terrific start to the week, we huddle around in the evening, stitching up final project parts and telling stories stitching closer in friendship and admiration.

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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