2012 Journaling Retreat ~ Arrival Day

This glorious Sunday, Jean and I had already acclimated ourselves to the rugged and beautiful surroundings. We’d driven up two days previous and wandered the area for spots best suiting our different outdoor processes. Just arranging the dining room table must have taken us and hour (now don’t laugh). Our fab chef, Izzy, had arrived Saturday evening with so many ice chests full of delicate and beautiful food it took all three of us to carry them into the Ponderosa Cabin. The place just lit up with the fresh fruit and veggies glowing in the afternoon sun as they wait to find a place in the refrig. So when Sunday sunrise came . . . we were anxious to get the second cabin, the Sequoia, all set up for the work space and anticipate the arrival of all the excited participants.

The trickle of smilin’ faces began to stream in around 1pm . . . and sunny introductions began week-long friendships that would develop. We had some time before our first delectable meal was ready so Jean and I offered up a tour down to the magical Miwok rocks. This is one of my very favorite spots at the lake, where many years ago the Miwok Indians sat gazing out onto the lovely water grinding their grains or nuts in lil’ holes their endeavor had created. See the holes in the granite? We enjoyed the glorious outdoor dinner table, savoring our menu: “Crushed Fava & Pea Salad , Petrale Sole with Spinach and Radish” was so delicate and fresh . . . and then came the dessert. Can you see where everyone’s attention was? As we recall from last year, Chef Izzy had wrapped our taste buds around her lil’ finger with just one meal!! You VIXEN Izzy!

After dinner we gathered ’round our very satisfied full bellies along with our creative juices and wove a special group talisman . . . joining us all together for a week of laughter, invention and deep relationships.

Slumber was sporadic, dream-filled . . . too many visions of perspective adventures and fun to come . . .

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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