2011 Retreat ~ Animal Mandala Side Trip

Following Irene’s lead and investigating what my “Tomoto Worm” would eventually turn into . . . I met my first “Hawk Moth”. I perused them online and read about their uniqueness. This rather gorgeous, powerfully designed and brilliantly camouflaged, this moth does have a voracious appetite causing havoc in gardens. But what is unusual about them is that they are one of three creatures (hummingbirds, bats and sphingids) which can “swing-hover” in flight. They can also fly up to 30mph and are know to be star pollinators (hopefully somewhat redeeming them from their damaging garden legacy).  I was in love!

The Hawk Moth had to be added to my Animal Mandala journal page. I would include their visual impact and yet, needed to depict the fleetness in flight.

So I envisioned suspending my “Hawk Moth” hovering around/above the “Tomato Worm” image in a light fabric. I’d done some experimentation with Jacquard’s Printable
Silk (also comes in Cotton Percale). I found a fully outstretched image beautifully depicted, replicated it and printed it twice (once reversed horizontally).   I did some color augmentation/alteration with paint, glued together the two images (back to back) with Matte Medium (running this “Flair” thread/ribbon sandwiched in between, to use attaching to the frame edge). 

The frame I created out of floral wire (used to poke into support in floral arrangements). I used a large wooden spoon around which to shape the oval and then wrapped the external Flair thread using “Yes” Glue, to attach the Hawk Moth to the frame. I feel the thread ended up being a bit bulky but overall I’m pleased with my “hoovering” effect.

I’d left one of the threads extending beyond the wire frame and used it to tie my “traveling Moth” to the spiral binding of my journal. I determined the length – with wanting to allow the Moth to swing – but for protection, not to swing outside my journal page perimeter.

Other items I added to the page detail continued the story. I edited and summarized the info on the Tomato Worm and Hawk Moth using it in tiny text to create a framework around the mandala circle. Then, in wanting to note the beautiful yellow rumped bird we saw outside our lunch window earlier that day, I painted in the “Yellow Rumped Warbler” our Park Ranger participant had identified for us. Isn’t he just adorable?

So finally, the completed “Animal Mandala” journal entry! Whellah!


About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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One Response to 2011 Retreat ~ Animal Mandala Side Trip

  1. Ruthee says:

    Your pages all have so much life on them as well as amazing elements to enhance the images.
    I love the yellow bird, so cheerful, especially at this time of year. Keep creating and inspiring the rest of us.

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