2011 Retreat ~ Izzy’s Salmon Preparation

Later in the afternoon Tuesday, Izzy Leas (our incredible Culinary Coordinator) took to her task of preparing for our final retreat’s meal on Thursday, Roast Salmon. She’d purchased a fresh fish and needed to filet it out, separating skin from meat and divide up into appropriate proportions. I’d requested her to wait til I could be around to what her at work and record it.

So here’s the process illustrated in my three short images. First stage Izzy holds taunt the length of the fish. Next step, she delicately and precisely postures her very sharp knife between the skin and the pink flesh and begins cutting horizontally. It was amazing how much control and confidence Izzy exhibited. Once she’d finished the cutting, step three, she draped the pink meat across her left hand, making any large remaining bones protrude, and with the right hand she positioned tweezers to pull out those bones. I was fascinated. 

I particularily had fun putting together this journal page. I loved the punchy pink of Jean’s amulet, top middle and the way I connected together Izzy’s process. But when I completed the salmon illustration, I had big gaps between the three stages. I’d just visited my local art store and discovered this wide, I mean very wide “Copic Extra Broad” pen. The angled tip is nearly one full inch and that’s what I used to write in the giant 1-2-3 sequence numbers. Fun and flamboyant.

Isn’t a day in the journal – just the best?!?!


About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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