2011 Retreat ~ Words & Molding Paste Process

The day began crisp and grey, but following the delicious-ness of Chef Izzy’s fresh lemon-blueberry scones, fresh fruit & steaming scrambled eggs, we were bright-eyed and ready to work. We’d skipped our mornin’ yoga because of moisture & chill. But by 10am we all dug into our first assignment, “Words with Molding Paste”.

Under Jean’s direction, suggesting we select a word to illustrate in conjunction with two various types of molding paste. One is the “Soft” version, and the other a more “Coarse” paste. These pastes adhere to paper and create an interesting absorbent medium. Here you see my page where I selected the word “harmony”. I played with the two pastes, in my mind thinking the two would start out separate and contrary, but come together (bottom right) in ‘harmony’. Using our trusty dictionary, I detailed the definition of harmony and playing with various pigments and wax crayons attempted to “flow” into a glowing concert. If you look closely, you’ll see the word “h-a-r-m-o-n-y” carved into the paste medium and lettered in black. I have to admit my favorite part of the entire experiment was JudiKins, “MicaGloss-Metalli Effects Ink-Chocolate”. The dark granulation coupled with the coppery sparkle “made” my page.

When I’d completed both pages – there was an imbalance. On the bottom of the “Harmony” page was a large, spacious white area. Now, all by itself that page could have worked, but next to the very full left page, I knew I had to balance it out. That big bowl on the morning breakfast table had beautiful red apples – – what if the apples just danced across the remainder of the right page. Don’t you think they make a happy resolution?


About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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