2011 Retreat ~ Journal Beginnings

As recorded in my journal, this reveals our first couple of days settling into the Lake Alpine Resort. This is part of what I relish in the process of journaling – – wandering back through the colorful pages – – feeling all the emotions flood back over me. Just like I was “there again”. So here, take my hand and I’ll take you along!

The very first evening nestled into our Ponderosa Cabin was cozy and centering. Once we’d all unpacked, evening hunger spoke to us. Top left on the page is the scene in the restaurant where us four “early birds” for the Retreat landed a table by the window. Because the late afternoon had brought thunder showers and a moist chill, the giant fireplace had torched up the very first fire of the season. Here, our gregarious bride has gifted us all with a glass of her champagne – can’t you just see her glow?

Next morn, we were up early, anxious to get everything in order for the arriving participants. But, the giving nature of our precious Chef, Izzy Leas, began to show through already – she wanted to make us breakfast this morning, even though her commitment to prepare food for us didn’t begin until that evening. The warming sun streamed across our breakfast table ~ and so Sunday began!

Jean and I, your Tandem-Teachers, spent much of the day in preparation. With the moist ground we went in search of a dry spot to do our morning yoga. In our travels around the edge of the lake we discovered the lovely outcropping where the previous day’s wedding had taken place. Scattered across the ground we saw the rose and lily petals from the celebration. Of course, they went into my journal (this lily petal was allowed to dry overnight, painted with matte medium on both sides to preserve it and then, again with matte medium, painted down to my journal page). The afternoon was hustling to get the second cabin, the Sequoia, open, furniture removed and then set up with six working stations (tables and lights we’d brought along) for us artists. Oh my, realizing what we’d forgotten and also, getting all the lights plugged into old cabin electrical receptacles was a challenge. But, TAH-DAH, by 3pm we were all set up for the next mornings processes!


About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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