Furry & Feathered Friends . . .

Last Day taking my Final Walk, Gifted w/Fuzzy Duckling

During my many years visiting the Lake Alpine area, some times camping with my honey, some times a solitary artists sabbatical, I treasured the intimacy of meeting nature’s furry and feathered creatures.
I thought I’d introduce you to them, here from my journals. My first sweet buddy came to me late in my solitary stay one year. I love to take a final stroll around the lake, savoring the very special lighting, the sacred granite rock masses and the animal delights I want to take home with me. On one of those such leisurely walks, I was headed back towards my cabin and my fully packed car, ready for the drive home. Looking to my left in the close shore was, quietly bobbing in the early morn gentle waves was a small, fuzzy duckling. I gave a, “awwwwww” and stopped. We both just looked at one another. A precious exchange that floods back to me with this sketch I later painted of him . . .
Next, on a very similar final walk, I was looking thoughtfully down at the path.Dancing across my path, a fluffy reminder of changing life Dancing across my path was a fluffy release from one of those baby ducklings I’d been watching tattle along behind mom. For me, it provided a reminder of how nature releases and grows and changes with such naturalness, ease. What lovely lessons this nature has for us.
And my most breath-taking memory came as I was hiking towards the Duck Lake Trailhead. The small paved road that continues past Lake Alpine and over Ebbetts Pass was to my left and I came around a bend. Suddenly there was a massive “S – S – S – W – O – O – O – S – H” above me batting the air down towards me. Looking up, all I caught was a large movement into the evergreens. Shoot!!! What wasTaking my breath away, this bald eagle flew past me that? After I’d finished my hike and returned to the Lake Alpine Lodge, I was poking around the store and overheard a lady talking about the bald eagle she’d seen at the end of the lake early that day. I piped in, “Was that what I saw moving away from the lake along the road?” and she nodded. WOW, I’d had a brush with a bald eagle. To honor the interlude, I attempted a sketch of the regal bird in flight. The memory this sketch brings up still takes my breath away.
Won’t you join me in making yourself available and present for the aching sweetness of being among my furry & feathered friends? Come along . . .

About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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