The Other Aspect of Journaling ~ Writing

We couldn’t ignore the other aspect in our journals … the writing.  Our retreat agenda offers up several twists to stir up options for our writing.  Awakening from the Dark, Cold DreamThis exercise was a proves that everyone CAN write and maybe,just having some inspiring words to work from could give us a little spurt of imagination. Design to take 40 minutes, but us creatives, well, we took two hours. Everyone was so into the process that us instructors just couldn’t stop the flow.

Personal Awakening from the Dark, Cold DreamFor me personally, I have to admit this exercise was so potent for my spirit that, when we each went to read our stories twice thru (with no comments, just listening), I was so near sobbing that I had to pass it on to have someone else read mine the second time. WOW – powerful stuff this writing! Later once back home – I took time to illustrate the story I’d created at the retreat.

Jean summed up her “cut-up” writing experience with this comment:

‘Cut-up-writing’ took us double the time-couldn’t you tell we all were loving it! I went about cutting out the text with having an idea of what my story would be. But as I started to paste them down, the process took over and I found the
story taking on a theme of its own. Creative writing? Yes!


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An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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One Response to The Other Aspect of Journaling ~ Writing

  1. mesamendoza says:

    What was the activity? I really like writing and that’s usually the only reason why I do journals but I guess there’s other ways I will have to check out! 🙂

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