Broken Wing Becomes a Perfect Treasure

The “final” day of our Alpine Retreat 2010

After the Women’s Journaling Retreat of 2010 has formally ended, Jean and I linger for an extra day. Wandering and pondering the lakes edge in the late afternoon. The Retreat is over and yet because we linger, still awake to journaling in this beautiful alpine setting, it continues for us.

A warm breeze whispers by, and there, just up against a rock, I see a gossamer glisten. What was that!?! I kneel to discover the glow is a fragile set of wings. Perhaps a mayfly. It was so dainty I tired to be so gentle as I lifted them from the rock’s cranny. Yet, so dainty, the pair snapped. Instead of a perfect set I had two halves. For a moment I was crushed. Then, I realized that break was perfect … one tiny wing for Jean, and one for me.

In the remaining warm hours of the day we sat upon the giant granite rocks, updating our journals. Then back at the cabin to address the question of how to add our wings.

Because it was brittle, it needed support and protection. Because it was transparent, I wished a “window” through which it could be seen. And that’s what’s great about my obsessive playing with Visual Art Journaling. It gifted me (via years of learning) an encyclopedic view of options. And obviously the “Transparent Hole” application would most beautifully illuminate this tiny natural wonder.

With an Exacto knife I cut a hole (a window) in my journal page. Then holding the tiny wing in place with a pin, I used Modge Podge to gently paint it into place. When dry this made a clear support for the wing’s beauty to dance forever within my journal.

Surely a photo of the wing might have been nice. Yet to have a real wing lovingly added is real magic.

The photo (in this post) gives the appearance that the wing is glued onto the page. Yet in real life what you can see that the technique preserved the wing’s iridescence. In real life you could see that even though set within a journal page, light flows through the wing still.

The whole process – from finding a wing to finding just the right technique to save it as a treasured bit of magic that will never leave me  – is why Visual Art Journaling is such a joyful way of meditating on life.


About namastenoodle2011

An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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