Investigating sites and the curious catfish

This from the 2010 Retreat … luscious preparation!

Saturday, September18, 2010 … Jean and I awake to crisp mountain air with the sun peeking into our cozy cabin. We start the gas fireplace for warmth, and mood. We are here a day before the Retreat to check out some of he locations.

One was for me to check out the place envisioned for our morning yoga ~ to make sure it would be warm at 9am, our planned yoga time. I zipped down and find at the Mi-Wuk Rocks and yes, there I find sun soaking the rocks. The holes there are actual holes worn by the Mi-Wuk Indians.

Then Jean and I want to familiarize ourselves with a trail to Duck Lake (that will be a Retreat activity come Wednesday). We donned our packs and hiking boots and set off.

There are many impressive views along the way, but my favorite was at Duck Lake. There deteriorating cabins with rich warn wood and rusted materials aplenty, and my beloved giant Aspen trees.

Jeans journal page

At the lake we soak are feet, and Jean later writes: “joy from watching the catfish trying to nibble at my toes.” We counted 25 lil’ catfish swimmin’ in the shadows. Then sketching.

Back at our cabin barefooted relaxing on our sunny porch drinking in the scents and breeze off the lake. So relaxed and yet so thrilled with anticipation to meet everyone tomorrow.

Wrapped In the spirit and energy of the Sierras. Could it have been any more perfect?


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An artist, a hopeful, an encourager, a loyal friend, a heart connecter seeking to share the goodness in life and development of becoming more free to express.
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